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About the Authors

Kisito has been an ESL/EFL teacher for over 8 years. He is the real language talent. Kisi as he is fondly called is a fluent speak of English, French, Chinese and a bits of other languages across the globe. Kisi has spent 6 years of his English teaching career in China during which he authored several language products and websites. Kisi is also the architect behind the following very popular language sites:

Zoey Liu and Kisi worked together for 2 years before teaming up to carry out this project. Zoey brings energy and drive to the team. During her university days she took part in several contests on spoken Chinese and won many prizes. Having on several occasions seen the difficulties foreigners without Chinese language skills encounter in China, Zoey saw and opportunity to help. She started by giving part time Chinese lessons to foreign teachers at EF Shenzhen, China. She is always thrilled to see foreigners speak Chinese. This explains why she has been the backbone of this project.