Choosing Chinese Names

Your Name in Chinese Symbols - Guide, Examples and Tools
By Ming Zhao

Your name in Chinese symbols will largely affect people's impression on you because Chinese symbols carry information that interacts with the universe. In Chinese astrology, the number of stokes of the Chinese symbols of your name can be used to make predictions. Therefore, it is very important for you to take a good name in Chinese symbols if you live in China or have business interactions with China.

Sound imitating? No

Never give your Chinese name simply by imitating your original name's sound using Chinese characters. Why? On the one hand, it sounds very funny when really read out by your Chinese friends. On the other hand, those sound imitating Chinese characters normally carry no meaning. With such a name, you have given up the opportunity to bring yourself good fortune when people call you because Chinese symbols carry information that interacts with the universe! Your Chinese name only needs to have roughly similar pronunciation to your original name. The meaning is more important.

Chinese Naming Custom vs. Western Naming Custom

Even for modern Chinese people, to give a Chinese name to their baby is also a very big and pains-taking task because there is a large number of Chinese characters in Chinese language. You can choose whatever character you like. So the Chinese custom of giving names is different from western culture in which people like to name their babies after famous saints or Bible figures. In Chinese culture, it is actually the opposite. It is very offensive to name after saints, emperors or famous historical figures.

Do It Yourself

There are professional Chinese Name Giving Service providers in China. However, it is not convenient to approach those service providers for foreigners. Additionally, for such a major thing, you yourself must decide it. The naming process is also very interesting and doable when you have guide, examples and tools. So at least you should try it.

To learn more about Giving names in Chinese Symbols, please visit a web site providing insights and concise information about Chinese culture. Please also find Chinese names in traditional Chinese family culture.


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